Social Media Marketing from Easyonline

We at Easyonline branched out to offer key social media marketing services to our clients, to help promote and accentuate their brands, and offer something deeper than a typical online marketing campaign. We’re able to provide our clients with the tools for a tailored, Easyonline social media campaign, which will help you interact with your consumers on a more personal level whilst also offering key updates and content about the products and services you provide.

Though some regard social media marketing as a fresh concept, our social media agency has extensive experience in what a company’s social media campaign should and shouldn’t include. We have a large portfolio of clients that have seen serious results when they have adopted a social media campaign with the help of Easyonline.

Our leading social media agency can:

  • Provide optimised profiles through the internet’s most important and relevant social media platforms, including sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more
  • As a social media company, we have an enormous list of other social media sites on our database that we can create profiles for, again optimised to their fullest potential
  • Our social media company and programming experts will link key feeds to your website and blogs for sites such as Facebook and Twitter, ensuring that your followers are always kept informed whenever new content is posted
  • Creating and participating in the world of social media can generate a huge number of backlinks to your site, which will help to increase the authority of your pages
  • We have the ability to track and monitor mentions of your brand name across social media networks.
  • The implications of your campaign going viral across social networks are huge, and will help cultivate a massive increase in traffic- We can help you to learn more about your target audience through our reporting techniques. Which posted links have been more popular and helped bring traffic to your site, for instance. This can help not just to increase conversions for your products, but can also be key information for your wider campaign and strategy. By communicating regularly and effectively to your customer base positively through social media, you’re giving them a greater overall service which they will remember for years to come, telling their friends and family about their experiences with your company
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