Social Media Training

Are you ready, willing… But just not quite able?

You’re not alone. The vast majority of brands engaging with social media are doing so without getting the basics right in the first place. Not too long ago, you could be applauded for at least ‘having a go’. Not anymore.

Social media is a major business development and corporate communications channel that needs to be taken as seriously as all of your other core business activities – The opportunities and pitfalls are both too big to get things wrong.

Social media can be extremely valuable to your business if you take control and influence your target audience in the right way using the right channels. Whether you do or you don’t, it’s highly likely that your competitors are with varying levels of success and you’re missing out by not competing well enough (And we can’t have that can we!).

With this in mind, you may want to think about getting up to speed on how and why social media will add value to your business. And the good news is it’s not as difficult as you might think. To help you along, we explain the basics in simple terms, gauge your level of competence and design schedule around your needs wants and desires.

We provide ‘in-house’ social media training to give insight and education where needed to ensure your business can maximise all the extensive reach and impact that a comprehensive and effective social strategy can bring.

Our social media training is tailored to your needs and typically includes:

  • Assessment of your current social media activity, knowledge and skills
  • A skills and infrastructure gap analysis
  • Social media mapping and operation implementation
  • Channel set up and best practice use
  • How to find you target audience and target influential ‘social spheres’ of customers
  • Content creation, types, use, where and when
  • Practical sessions on the day to day ‘how-to’ with tools and social channels
  • How to measure, monitor and interpret your social activity

Our helpful and effective social media training provides a detailed comprehension of what social media is and how you can take advantage of it within your business.

We offer valuable guidance and consulting, which will improve communication with your audience and enable you to connect and engage in profitable conversations.

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