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In Q2 2011 more than 10% of websites visits in the Malaysia come from mobile devices. This is a 252% increase on the same period in 2010. However, when visitors enter websites through mobile devices, the usability is limited. As a result, Mobile SEO is becoming increasingly important to make the user experience better, in turn improving website usability and increasing sales and enquiries.

Mobile SEO involves optimising your website for users entering the website on a mobile device. Instead of visiting your normal website through a mobile device, a visitor is automatically recognised as being a mobile visitor and redirected to the mobile optimised website. Mobile optimised websites are customised to make it easier for visitors to read the content of the website and navigate through to subpages. We design mobile websites in a standard format that is becoming industry acceptable for mobile website design.

We also adopt the “overly large fingers” approach to mobile site development. What this means is creating a website easier to use by people with larger than average fingers. Most people have been to websites on their mobile and find it hard to click on links or click on the wrong link because they are too small. Optimizing for mobile is about making it more viewable and user friendly, so we adopt the approach that all users who frequently use portable mobile devices.

Our best practice approach is to optimize your most visited web pages and important pages from your normal website to populate the content of the mobile website. The mobile website will involve a condensing of the content, as is implied by optimizing the content to make it more navigable and easier to read. Therefore, we make sure the most important content is used on the mobile website.

Mobile websites can be quick to develop, but depends on the amount of content needed. Each page of the mobile website can be mapped back to a page on the normal website; therefore if any page of the normal website is indexed for SEO then a mobile visitor will be redirected to the correct mobile page.

Following some performance research of visitors through mobile devices entering non-optimised websites, we have found major performance issues:

  • Conversion rate through Mobile is 70% lower than through desktop websites.
  • Conversion rates through Blackberry devices is as low as 0.05%
  • The revenue as an average of site visitors (RPC, or revenue per click) is 90% lower than desktop websites
  • Average order values are approximately 60% lowerThis presents a huge development area for companies. How do businesses improve the performance of visitors through mobile devices to get more output through enquiries and sales?
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